A new stab at diary keeping

Jon Kennedy’s ‘Postcards from
his soj
ourn in Northern Ireland’

A new stab at diary keeping

JONAL ENTRY 1302 | AUGUST 8 2013
I think that in view of the present distress it is well for a person to remain as he is. Are you bound to a wife? Do not seek to be free. Are you free from a wife? Do not seek marriage.
— from Paul’s First Epistle to the 
Corinthians chapter 7, from today’s
Orthodox lectionary readings
See the homelitical thought below.
Diary: I’ve been missing reporting on so many details of my life here that I decided yesterday to start a rudimentary real diary (opposed to the entries here that I’ve been labeling “Diary” but which lack most of the details of my days). . . . 



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